The Porn Filter For Your Mobile Devices

Seamlessly Integrated

Works in your iOS Safari browser. No other browser needed. Consider deleting other browsers or apps that makes porn content accessible.

Passcode Protection

Keeps you or others from disabling or deleting xBlock with a passcode. Only your accountability partner will know the passcode.

Explicit Images Hidden

Pornographic and explicit images are filtered, additionally other potential sources for porn such as tumblr, flickr or Reddit.

No subscription fee, no signup

Enable xBlock and you are good to go. It works an all your connected devices. There are no hidden costs.

Perfect for Families

Let your loved ones browse the web with confidence. Install xBlock on all of your device and let the blocker protect them.

Blacklist and Support

Add additional websites to a blacklist or contact our support team when you find explicit content.


„This app will play a vital role in my recovery from porn addiction. Thank you so much for what you are doing. I plan on donating towards this app to help other people!“

xBlock User

Start browsing the web without regret

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